The Personal Advisor
.24 Aug

The Personal Advisor

MyDreamMatch Personal Advisor reproduces on your site the role of a point-of-sale advisor.

It presents a list of products selected specifically for each customer in a widget. You choose the pages, its location on each page and the number of items you want to present.

MyDreamMatch Personal Advisor is not a simple up-sell or cross-sell product recommendation banner. It is an advisor who understands the intentions of your visitor through his navigation and displays him in real time the items he is most likely to purchase at each stage of his navigation. It uses the same algorithms as the Intuitive Personalized Navigation service, but displays the best products in the widget instead of sorting all the results of the category.

Thanks to this new service, the MyDreamMatch personalization is available to a greater number of E-commerce. When a category contains many items and the customer does not find any interesting items on a particular page, the Personal Advisor displays the items of other pages that he is likely to purchase. The customer is therefore in a better disposition to stay on the site and decide to buy. When a category has few articles on a single page, the Personal Advisor highlights the most relevant articles for the client. He buys more easily the selected items just for himself.

You like:

  • The new, more personal, intuitive customer experience that humanizes its shopping experience.
  • The increase in the loyalty rate and the conversion rate as well as your turnover.
  • The evolution of your site towards a client centric model.

Your customers like:

  • Speed ​​to find products that interest them.
  • Improved relevance of results as they navigate.
  • The products selected for them as soon as they return to your site.

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