The dreammatcher®
.07 Nov

The dreammatcher®

Your clients are very sensitive to personalized advice. The dreammatcher® behaves like a discreet store salesman who discovers the preferences of each client, his tastes and intentions that he is not necessarily able to explain.

It offers the most relevant items at any time when your client requests it. He buys more easily the selected items just for him, and he feels recognized when he returns to the site.

The small icon  appears on every page personalized by dreammatcher®. It is a floating button that is permanently located at the bottom of the page. When a client clicks on the icon, dreammatcher®  appears. It contains a drop-down list of the best items for him in the context of each page. When he re-clicks on the logo or the cross, dreammatcher® disappears. You choose the pages, its location on each page and the number of items you want to display.

The dreammatcher® is more than a simple banner of up-sell or cross-sell recommendations associated to a particular item. Your clients can view it at any time during their search in one click, especially when they have a difficulty to “match their dream” ???? or to choose between all the items offered.

It uses the same algorithms as the Intuitive Personalized Navigation service, but displays the best items in the dreammatcher® instead of sorting all the results in the category.

You appreciate:

  • The new, more personal, intuitive user experience that humanizes his buying experience.
  • The discretion of the icon  at the bottom of the page. It engages the client who uses the dreammatcher® service on demand.
  • The efficiency of the service which increases your loyalty rate and your conversion rate as well as your turnover.
  • The evolution of your site towards a “client centric” model.

Your clients appreciate:

  • The availability of the dreammatcher® service that advises them on demand in the context of each page.
  • The speed to find the items that they wish to buy.
  • Improving the relevance of the results as they navigate.
  • The feeling of being known and recognized when they return to your site.
  • The power to discover and easily choose new products at any time. The dreammatcher® permanently adapts to their immediate intentions.
  • The pleasure of finding the dreammatcher® experience on all sites that have adopted it.

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