The dreammatcher® Magento module
.25 Jan

The dreammatcher® Magento module

MyDreamMatch announces the availability of the dreammatcher® Magento module. It is a personalized advisor available at any time. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence technology, it continuously analyzes the tastes and intentions of each user that he is not necessarily able to explain.

It displays a small floating icon dreammatcher® at the bottom of the pages you select. When the customer clicks on the icon dreammatcher®, the dreammatcher® window appears to show the most relevant items they might buy.

The Magento module is a plugin that integrates in a few minutes to your site. It automatically synchronizes your product catalogue and manages the Application Program Interface (API) between your site and the MyDreamMatch personalization engine.

In your control panel, you choose the pages you want to personalize with dreammatcher®, where the floating icon dreammatcher® and the window are displayed (left, centre, right), the number of products to display in the window, the background colour and the title to be inserted in the dreammatcher® window.

What this module brings you:

  • An innovative service that accompanies your customers throughout their buying journey as a store salesman.
  • The increase of your conversion rate.
  • The increase your loyalty rate.
  • The best knowledge of your users.
  • The evolution of your site towards a “client-centric” model that adapts to the individual needs of each client.

What your customers will like:

  • The new, more personal and intuitive experience that simplifies their buying decisions.
  • The availability of the dreammatcher® service, which advises them on demand during all their shopping journeys and especially when they are reluctant to continue browsing.
  • The speed to find the products they are likely to buy.
  • The improvement of the relevance of the results when they navigate.
  • The feeling of being known and recognized when they return to your site.
  • The power to easily discover and choose new products at any time. dreammatcher® constantly adapts to their immediate intentions.
  • The pleasure of finding the dreammatcher® service on all the sites that have adopted it.

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