The dreamed seller
.31 May

The dreamed seller

Let me introduce you with Ava, our new seller. She welcomes you with kindness.

She observes what interests you in the store, and discovers your preferences, tastes, and intentions that you are not necessarily able to explain.

When you discover new articles, she constantly adapts to better understand and present you the products that match. She proposes, and you always choose.

She is an expert in complex products, with features you are not familiar with: screen size in inches, name of computer components, etc. She shows you the usage characteristics of the products that interest you and if you like them, presents the products that have similar characteristics. You no longer need to understand the technical criteria of these products. She guides you naturally in your purchase approach.

When you come back, she recognizes you. She remembers your taste for store items and immediately offers you the most relevant new products.

Ava is the seller of the Artificial Intelligence module MyDreamMatch, your personal advisor who humanizes your shopping experience on e-commerce sites.

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