More intelligence, less work!

Installation in a few clicks
Automatic adjustment of estimators
Real time
Personalization at the navigation speed

Make your site smarter

Our goal is to make your site smarter with your data and the most advanced AI algorithms.

We analyse your customer’s purchases, their behaviour throughout their journey, and not just similar items or complementary to the last product click. We measure in real time his level of interest for each product. We analyse his tastes for the products of each category and his purchase intentions.

We set up specific recommendations for each page with more than 14 learning algorithms because the client’s journey has a beginning, a middle and an end.

We use the best recommendation systems by combining:

  • Collaborative Filtering that takes into account the wisdom of the crowd. These algorithms can detect users who have similar behaviours to find items they liked and purchased. The evolution of the behaviour of similar neighbours changes the recommendations.
  • Content Base Filtering that improves the relevance of recommendations for new site visitors and new products. It allows to understand the tastes, the intentions and the visitor’s selection criteria.

The module allows Prestashop sites to increase their conversion and loyalty rates by an average of more than 10%.

Simplify the setup of the service

Our Prestashop module is installed on your site in a few minutes. We give you access to a very simple dashboard on our site. You activate each service on each page of your choice with one click. We offer you a default location, and we keep the design of your articles. The preview page allows you to move each banner in one click. You target  the content to be analysed by category lists and price ranges.

No need to be an expert in computer science or recommendation systems, the magic of Artificial Intelligence is there to simplify your life.

You thus save up to 80% of your time to manage the products to recommend.

Your business rules very simple to configure

You want to highlight some items because they are on sale, top sellers, strong margin or destocking!

Simply set a highlight level on the products of your choice. The order of displaying the recommendations in all the appropriate services is automatically defined according to the level of highlighting and the learning algorithms. You no longer need to manually configure the recommendations of products to highlight. You save a lot of time and you master your business rules.

Software as a Service mode

This architecture simplifies integration with your website.

The recommendation engine is a group of servers hosted by MyDreamMatch in SaaS mode. It provides learning services and recommendations.

The module integrated in your site transmits the product catalog and its updates. It manages an API to communicate with the recommendation engine the navigation events and recommendations of the products.

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