Master your business rules with a snap of a finger
18 Oct

You have 3 contradictory goals: Highlight some items because they are on sale, best sellers, high margin or destocking. It is a legitimate seller centric approach. Personalize recommendations that fit the needs of each client. It’s a user-centric approach that is essential to engage your customers to buy more and be more loyal. Automate learning-based […]

Give relevance to the site
10 Apr

It’s amazing to see some sites offer their users the ability to sort their results by “relevance”. Looking more closely at this sorting option, it emerges that many sites actually rank the items in order of seniority in their database. Since relevance is a subjective notion, it has meaning only in relation to a question […]

« User centric » model
07 Mar

Society is changing. When the offer was limited, the seller could impose its law. Now, the offer has become plethoric and the customer is king. The Anglo-Saxons refer to “customer empowerment”, or “marketing pull” and the US “customer first”. The initial objective of the “user centric” model is not to sell better but to buy better. […]