Sorting by relevance
.18 Apr

Sorting by relevance

Many sites offer diverse types of results sorting: ascending price, descending price, ascending date, descending date, popularity …

Indeed, the filtering methods of the facet modules do not allow sorting according to the set of user criteria.

The internal search engines often have a ranking system that allows to order the results from the preferences of the site owner or some criteria. However, the number of these criteria and the estimation methods are of very limited relevance.

MyDreamMatch Personalization Engine performs a very precise sorting by relevance thanks to all the algorithms presented in the previous post “give relevance to the sites”.

This feature is simple to implement in all sites because the impact on the user interface is minimal. The site owner simply replaces his static display with a relevant default display or adds the option “sort by relevance” among all the proposed sorts.

If the site has deployed a facet module which eliminates products that do not match the displayed criteria, MyDreamMatch’s Personalization Engine adds relevance to displaying selected products. It transforms the static display of the site into a dynamic and customized display without impacting the facet module.

If the site has not deployed a facet module, MyDreamMatch automatically discovers the user profile without having to select explicit criteria. This option is especially recommended for sites that prefer access via smartphone and tablets. Since the size of the screen is limited, it is not always easy to display an extensive list of criteria of a facet module. Sorting by relevance offers a more intuitive navigation.

Sorting by relevance offers all the power of the MyDreamMatch Personalization Engine with minimal changes to the Site User Interface. It easily integrates with all existing sites and simplifies the design of new sites.

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