Deploy the essential personalized recommendations services

We offer 7 personalized recommendations services: New arrivals, Sales, Best sellers, Recently viewed, Upsell, Cross-sell, and Personal match.

Each service is available on specific types of pages and we offer 16 different types of banners that you can be activate in 1 click.

You increase the relevance of the New arrivals, Sales and Best Sellers recommendations by placing them on the category pages because they are more targeted than the home page.

You realize Upsell or incentive sales and cross-sells recommendations.

Our flagship service is Personal Matching, which displays personal recommendations based on the customer’s navigation history. It can therefore be positioned on any page of your site.

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How to present Personal Matching recommendations on different pages of your site?

One option is a banner at the top of the page. It is very visible at the opening of the page, but it is no longer when the visitor scrolls the page. Dreammatcher ® stands as an image of personal advisor at the bottom of the pages. Your customer hesitates or cannot find what he is looking for? He just clicks on the dreammatcher image to find currently personalized recommendations.

Present the value of your data

We analyse your data and display the result on your dashboard. You visualize the performance of each recommendation service on each page type of your site. You can easily adjust the placement of the banners to optimize your revenues.