7 types of recommendations for e-commerce sites

Personal Matching recommends the most relevant products from your visitor’s browsing history. Each recommendation is personalized when the visitor views the page. You can place these banners early in the shopping journey on the homepage, category and product pages. These are the most relevant recommendations that inspire and appeal to your visitors.

Cross sell recommends additional items to the product selected by your visitor in the basket or product page. You increase the average basket by encouraging lower delivery costs.

Upsell recommends similar articles to articles on the product page. You encourage your visitor to compare your articles to better decide.

Place Best sellers, Sales, and New arrivals on the category pages to better target products that interest your customers.

Display the most relevant products reflecting the individual interests of each user

Diversify the recommendations to address all styles of buyers

Unify recommendation management to improve consistency and productivity


Dreammatcher is an option to display personal matching recommendations. It looks like a floating image and is permanently visible at the bottom of the page. It is therefore well suited to home or categories pages that can be particularly long. When your customer hesitates or looks for inspiration, he simply clicks on the dreammatcher image to find personalized recommendations at this time. Dreammatcher is a personal adviser on request. It is not intrusive and participates in the animation of your site.

Personalisation for real estate classified sites

Our personalized recommendations prioritize the properties that most closely match your visitor’s essential personal criteria for a purchase decision. The engine automatically learns more than 50 conscious and unconscious visitor criteria associated with finances, layout, style, location and well-being. It enriches your site with confidential learning information that transforms the real estate search experience with minimal change to your site’s design.

Your agents better understand their customers and become more efficient.

Attract buyers, and agents to your site

Increase the relevance of your searches up to 40%

Transform the User Experience very simply

Estimate the most accurate price of the market

We estimate the most precise real estate price on the market thanks to new Artificial Intelligence algorithms protected by an international patent.

Conventional algorithms take into account the price per m² at the location and the characteristics of the property. We also evaluate the balance of power between buyers and sellers for the property in order to obtain unmatched precision.

Attract sellers to your site

Improve agent efficiency

Accelerate the real estate transactions


We analyse the navigation data of all your visitors and present the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the Analytics page of your dashboard. You see the impact of the recommendations on your visitors’ behaviours and your revenue.

You better understand the interactions between your visitors, your products, your categories and your recommendations. You make better decisions to optimize the performance of your site.

Get detailed information on the evolution of your KPIs

Analyse the strengths, gaps, and weaknesses of your product portfolio

Understand the interactions between your visitors and your products to make better decisions


Our Prestashop module is installed and configured very simply in a few clicks without any technical knowledge.

To save you time and optimize the effectiveness of your recommendations, we offer three free accompaniment sessions:

  • Prior evaluation of the impact of the tool for your site.
  • Accompanying the installation and configuration.
  • Diagnosis of performance after one month of use of the service.

Training on demand.

Why choose MyDreamMatch


Recommend the most relevant products that have the most impact on your sales through learning the tastes of visitors and the best algorithms of Artificial Intelligence.


Activate recommendations on each page in 1 click. You move your banners on your pages in 1 click. No more manual product associations.


Install the module in a few clicks without any technical knowledge. To help you optimize your performance, we offer a personalized follow-up.

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