Prestashop Module  
  • Dashboard
  • Services News arrivals, Sale, Best sellers, Recently Viewed Unlimited
  • 3 months of support
  • 1 month of free premium subscription
30 €
 Premium subscription  
  • Services New arrivals, Sales, Best sellers, Recently Viewed, Upsell & Similar, Cross-sell, Personal match
  • Support


50 € / mois + CPC *

* CPC: Cost per click of 4 cents on products recommended by MyDreamMatch services beyond the1250 monthly clicks offered.

The Prestashop Module gives you access to your dashboard, unlimited use of the services New arrivals, Sales, Best sellers, Recently Viewed, three months of support and a month of premium subscription offered. You’ll enjoy the simplicity of managing MyDreamMatch recommendation services and increasing your conversion rate.

The Premium subscription allows you to deploy the 7 personalized recommendations services to increase your conversion and loyalty rate in an exceptional way.