MyDreamMatch – Personalized recommendations Module for Prestashop
.19 Sep

MyDreamMatch – Personalized recommendations Module for Prestashop

With this module, you will deploy the essential personalized recommendation services to increase your conversion rate very simply. It uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the learning of the most relevant recommendations.

What this product brings you:

Personalizes your online store
Increases your conversion rate


More conversion and loyalty:

MyDreamMatch has developed Artificial Intelligence algorithms very similar to those of Amazon to offer you the essential recommendations. The relevance and variety of our recommendations make your customers want to discover your articles. They feel recognized by the personalization. The module allows Prestashop sites to increase their conversion and loyalty rates by an average of more than 10%.

Simplify your life:

No more tedious, time-consuming and inefficient product recommendations configurations!

Our module automatically selects the most relevant recommendations for each user by simply considering your business rules. You activate recommendation banners in a few clicks and you save up to 80% of your time to manage the products to recommend.

More value to your data:

We analyse your data and display the result on your dashboard. You visualize the performance of each recommendation service on each page type of your site. You can easily adjust the placement of the banners to optimize your revenues.


MyDreamMatch allows you to deploy the essential recommendations services:

  • New arrivals
  • Sales
  • Best sellers
  • Recently viewed
  • Upsell & similar
  • Cross-sell
  • Personal match

Each service is available on specific types of pages and we offer more than 16 different types of banners that you can be activate in 1 click.

You increase the relevance of the New arrivals, Sales and Best Sellers recommendations by placing them on the category pages because they are more targeted than the home page.

You realize Upsell or incentive sales and cross-sells recommendations.

Our flagship service is Personal Matching, which displays personal recommendations on home, categories and products pages from the customer’s navigation history.

Simply master your business rules:

You want to highlight some items because they are on sale, top sellers, strong margin or destocking! Simply set a highlight level on the products of your choice. The order of displaying the recommendations in all the appropriate services is automatically defined according to the level of highlighting and the learning algorithms. You no longer need to manually configure the recommendations of products to highlight. You save a lot of time and you master your business rules.

Attractive pricing:

The module gives you access to your dashboard and allows you to freely deploy the services New arrivals, Sales, Best sellers, Recently viewed. You view the performance of the recommendation services on your dashboard. You increase your sales and you save time to highlight the products of your choice.

We also offer you a month of free premium subscription that allows you to measure the impact of the 7 personalized recommendation services on your sales.

The Premium subscription costs 50 € / month plus a Cost Per Click of 4 cents on products recommended by MyDreamMatch services beyond the 1250 monthly clicks offered.

What your customers will like

 Your customers are increasingly mobile, impatient and volatile and have very personal behaviours. The personalized recommendations allow them to navigate intuitively directly from one product to another. They make them want to discover your products. They accompany your customers like a store salesperson who knows them.

Your customers also like the unique presentation of the Dreammatcher, a floating icon, placed at the bottom of the pages, which allows them to display the Personal Matching recommendations in 1 click and at any time.

When your customers return to your site, they find more easily the articles that match their tastes and they feel recognized.

Recommendation services well distributed across different pages of your site meet the needs of different online consumer profiles. They help the novice and the demanding to find what he is looking for more easily, allow the frugal to compare similar products, reassure the anxious, and inspire the loafer.


Simply use the installer built into PrestaShop:

  • Go to Modules
  • Click on “Add a new module” in the upper right corner
  • Import the archive
  • Click on “Install”
  • Enter the API key provided by MyDreamMatch

The module is ready for use!

Module configuration

  • Access your dashboard
  • Select the recommendation services on the pages of your choice
  • Move the banners on each page if the default location does not suit you
  • Optionally list the target categories for the home page, the similar and complementary categories
  • Optionally select products to highlight
  • Save the configuration and the recommendation services are deployed on your site.


To buy the module, click here

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