Personalized navigation with like / dislike
.18 May

Personalized navigation with like / dislike

Internet users are very volatile and impatient because of an “unlimited” offer. The price often becomes the only decision criterion. It is therefore essential for e-commerce to engage their users differently with new navigation experiences.

Today the trend on the net and social networks is to express and / or share his opinion: Like Facebook, emotional emoticon, Like / Next Tinder, etc.

MyDreamMatch allows e-commerce sites users to quickly and simply express their opinion on each article in one click: like or dislike .

A first approach adopted by content personalization software vendors is to place the articles “like” in a selection list, a kind or pre-basket, and eliminate “dislike” items from the list of results. Users are disappointed that their opinions are so poorly understood by the site and have as little impact on their search results

This is why MyDreamMatch uses each of this information to identify the user’s preferences, and the prohibited criteria in the articles that he disapproved. We are then able to more quickly understand what the user is looking for. He quickly notices the effect of his like / dislike opinion on his search experience. He get faster results consistent with his tastes and becomes more loyal.

Personalized navigation with like / dislike is particularly suitable for smartphones that have screens of reduced size. It’s just intuitive!

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