Master your business rules with a snap of a finger
.18 Oct

Master your business rules with a snap of a finger

You have 3 contradictory goals:

  1. Highlight some items because they are on sale, best sellers, high margin or destocking. It is a legitimate seller centric approach.
  2. Personalize recommendations that fit the needs of each client. It’s a user-centric approach that is essential to engage your customers to buy more and be more loyal.
  3. Automate learning-based recommendations to simplify the implementation of recommendation services. This is the priority of MyDreamMatch.

A simple method to achieve the first 2 goals is to combine manual and automatic associations on each recommendation banner. You manually configure all the products you want to highlight on the banners of your choice and the learning algorithms customize the other blocks available. You must then analyse all the banners potentially impacted by the highlights of each product change. It is possible if you have a small catalogue, few recommendations banners and few products to highlight. This method becomes very tedious as your catalogue grows.

We have therefore defined a new method that is much simpler to set up: you select the products to highlight without worrying about the recommendations.

You set up the highlight level of items of your choice in one place. The order in which recommendations are displayed in all appropriate recommendation banners is automatically set according to the highlight level and the learning algorithms. You avoid configuring manual recommendations on hundreds of banners when it is not necessary. All recommendations are automated by Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

You get more relevant results, you save a lot of time and you master your business rules.

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