Interview of Benjamin Guénard, manager of Kosméopolis
.03 Dec

Interview of Benjamin Guénard, manager of Kosméopolis

We invite you to discover the testimony of Benjamin Guénard, manager of Kosméopolis and user of the MyDreamMatch solutions.

1) Can you introduce me to your company in a few words? is a French company specialized in sale of cosmetics on the Internet. Created 5 years ago, the company mainly sells makeup (made in Europe) with one goal: to offer the best possible price / quality ratio.

2) As an e-merchant, what did you expect from artificial intelligence to develop your business?

I was mainly looking for an easy-to-use solution. Today, almost all the interesting solutions are overpriced, with no guarantee on the results. With MyDreamMatch, I’m thrilled!

3) Why did you choose MyDreamMatch?

This is a very good choice because the services are modern, easy to use and the installation is really very simple. I add to this the easy contact with the company, the personalization of the tool with a nice image adapted to our site and their powerful technical support.

4) As a user of the MyDreamMatch module, what do you think of our module?

I like the image created especially for my site, she is very pretty. Then I find that it brings a plus because we have quantities of similar products (example with 3 powders of different complexion to 6 €) and our customers do not necessarily know what to choose. In addition, to lighten and simplify the catalogue, we have chosen to group our product variations (example: colour) on a single product sheet each time. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to choose the colours, it is a little longer. The MyDreamMatch tool helps to remedy this. Example with a customer who only looks at red lipstick, the tool will help find similar products. In summary, I see MyDreamMatch solutions as aids for my clients, in order to save time and simplify their choice of products: our site can only be a winner!


5) Would you recommend MyDreamMatch to your surroundings?

Yes of course! It would be a shame to miss out because there are no negatives, everyone has everything to gain!

Thank you Benjamin for your testimony!

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