Here are the 7 essential online recommendation services
.05 Jul

Here are the 7 essential online recommendation services

Your visitors have various buying behaviours.

The excellent article Here are the five most popular online consumer profiles … and why they buy (or not) analyses five profiles, which are the novice, the demanding, the frugal, the anxious and the loafer.

How to accompany them all throughout their journey to deliver to everyone an experience that meets their needs and helps increase your conversion and loyalty rate?

The frugal visitor is sensitive to Promotions, the anxious needs to compare Upsell & Similar products before deciding, the novice is amazed by the personal recommendations that match his tastes, and the loafer finds his inspiration in all available recommendation services.

A single personalized recommendation service at the beginning or end of the journey is not enough to support all types of consumers.

We have identified 7 essential services:

  • New arrivals
  • Sales
  • Best sellers
  • Recently viewed
  • Upsell & similar
  • Cross-sell
  • Personal match

Each service has a scope of ​​application that considers the stage in the purchase journey.

The services New arrivals, Sales and Best Sellers are effective on the homepage. But they are even more so on the category home page or on the category page because the selection is much more precise.

The Recently viewed service is useful on all pages because it allows to navigate with a freer mind, to easily find articles of interest and to compare these articles.

The Upsell & similar service recommends the items that have been viewed the most by other users of the site with the product displayed on the page. It fuels the desire to continue browsing directly in the product page and discover similar or more expensive items to encourage purchase.

The Cross-sell service recommends the items that have been purchased the most with the product displayed. They often have a small price that allows an impulse purchase without thinking and without disturbing the purchases in progress. It also allows to make the delivery costs profitable. It appears on the product page or cart page.

The Personal match service recommends the most relevant products that match the visitor’s tastes. It analyses his level of interest for each product of the site. It discovers his intentions and offers him the articles he is likely to buy. It is the most advanced service in Artificial Intelligence. It is available on homepages, categories and products.

Each service is available on specific types of pages and we offer more than 16 different types of banners that can be activated in 1 click.

It is the combination of the 7 services well distributed on all your pages which guarantees better impact on your income, and bigger satisfaction rate of your visitors.

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