Experiential needs for tourism
.09 Feb

Experiential needs for tourism

A decision to book a tourist accommodation is conditioned by several psycho-sociologic factors.

We conducted a market study that shows that consumers want to find a personal environment or live specific experiences when they travel. On the other hand, tourism professionals want to propose experiences inside the accommodations, and in the vicinity. Many catalogues and websites publish information on this subject but they are not linked to the booking sites that determine the choice of the destination.

When a web user expresses an interest for an accommodation, and when he is satisfied with a stay, he enjoyed many criteria associated with the layout, style, location and welfare of this accommodation. He likes a certain level of comfort, accommodation style, level of calm, a certain proximity to nature, city centre and entertainment. Many users are looking a priori for experiences similar to those they have already appreciated. They thus find a familiar world and become loyal to the booking site that understand their personal needs. And since each booking is a new ephemeral adventure, many users also want to have the opportunity to discover new experiences which get out of the routine. They are naturally attracted to achieve new desires.

It also happens that the supply does not match the demand at a given time. Seasonal tourist resorts seek to attract their customers during the low season. Regions with overcrowded tourist resorts in summer want to develop the hinterland. The user who has not chosen a specific destination or does not find any accommodations in his first destination would like to have recommendations of customized destinations. Similarly, professionals who have a low occupancy want to know the services most requested by the clients in their geographical area.

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