Choose a Cross-sell module
.10 Oct

Choose a Cross-sell module

The Cross-sell banner shows articles that are complementary to those displayed on the page. It is usually located at the bottom of the basket or product card.

The most used banner titles are: ” Suggested add-ons“, or “customers who bought this product also bought …

The service makes the user want to buy complementary products to the product he has chosen. It often has a small price that allows an impulse purchase without thinking. It also makes it possible to make the delivery costs profitable. It must not disturb the current purchases. This is for example a cleaning product for furniture, shoes, or an accessory of the displayed product.

The Cross-sell service has a major impact on loafers who buy for pleasure and for novice visitors who are curious to discover new products.

It increases the number of items per basket and the average basket value.

We have identified three main criteria for choosing a Cross-sell module:

  1. The relevance of the recommendations. It directly impacts the clickthrough rate on Cross-sell recommendations, the average basket value, and your revenue. If you have few articles and your catalogue is static, you can configure product associations with manual rules. But when your catalogue grows you get much better results with Artificial Intelligence. We use collaborative filtering algorithms based on the wisdom of the crowd. They analyse the behaviour of all the users on the articles of the complementary categories to find the best associations between the product of the page and the other products of the site.
  2. The ease to consider your business rules. You have two contradictory objectives: to highlight certain products and to benefit from the automation of the recommendations corresponding to the needs of the customers. We have put in place a method of highlighting products that combines these two objectives with minimum effort. You avoid configuring manual recommendations on hundreds of banners when it is not necessary. You save a lot of time and you master your business rules.
  3. The simplicity to manage the cross-sell service. You do not have to be an expert in Artificial Intelligence to deploy Cross-sell recommendations. We have implemented a very simple control panel that allows you to activate recommendation banners in a few clicks.

To accelerate your sales, we advise you to widen the accompaniment of your visitors on all of their purchase journey, and to complete the Cross-sell recommendations with several essential personalized recommendations services: New arrivals, Sales, Best sellers, Recently Viewed, Upsell, and Personal match. This will further increase your conversion and retention rate and make it easier for you to manage all recommendation services.

To buy the Prestashop module that manages all of these recommendations very simply, click here.

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