Demonstration of the Prestashop module
10 Oct

[kc_row use_container="yes" force="__empty__" _id="601197" cols_gap="{`kc-css`:{}}" css_custom="{`kc-css`:{`any`:{`box`:{`padding|`:`inherit inherit 20px inherit`}}}}"][kc_column width="12/12" video_mute="no" _id="431234"][kc_column_text _id="337295"] How to activate 7 essential recommendation services and 16 recommendation banners on different pages of your site in a few clicks? Here is a very simple demonstration. [/kc_column_text][kc_video_play video_link="" video_mute="__empty__" video_width="600" loop="yes" control="yes" related="__empty__" showinfo="__empty__" _id="38163" source="youtube" css_custom="{`kc-css`:{`any`:{`box`:{`padding|`:`10px inherit 10px inherit`}}}}"][kc_column_text _id="768011"] To buy your Prestashop module, click here. [/kc_column_text][/kc_column][/kc_row]

MyDreamMatch – Personalized recommendations Module for Prestashop
19 Sep

With this module, you will deploy the essential personalized recommendation services to increase your conversion rate very simply. It uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the learning of the most relevant recommendations. (more…)

Evolutions of personalized recommendation services
22 Aug

Technological advances have made it possible to evolve e-commerce site recommendations into three main stages: (more…)

Here are the 7 essential online recommendation services
05 Jul

Your visitors have various buying behaviours. The excellent article Here are the five most popular online consumer profiles ... and why they buy (or not) analyses five profiles, which are the novice, the demanding, the frugal, the anxious and the loafer. How to accompany them all throughout their journey to deliver to everyone an experience that meets their needs and helps increase your conversion and loyalty rate? (more…)

The dreammatcher® Magento module
25 Jan

MyDreamMatch announces the availability of the dreammatcher® Magento module. It is a personalized advisor available at any time. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence technology, it continuously analyzes the tastes and intentions of each user that he is not necessarily able to explain. (more…)

The dreammatcher®
07 Nov

Your clients are very sensitive to personalized advice. The dreammatcher® behaves like a discreet store salesman who discovers the preferences of each client, his tastes and intentions that he is not necessarily able to explain. (more…)

The power to choose
20 Oct

I recently red the excellent article by Caroline Martin: Will the algorithms put an end to the tyranny of choice? Effectively GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) have phenomenal amounts of data on all their users. They naturally tend to adopt a "Deep Profile" strategy that seeks to monetize all available data. (more…)

Segment or individual personalization
04 Sep

The concept of user segmentation was formalized by Wendell Smith in 1956: (more…)

The Personal Advisor
24 Aug

MyDreamMatch Personal Advisor reproduces on your site the role of a point-of-sale advisor. It presents a list of products selected specifically for each customer in a widget. You choose the pages, its location on each page and the number of items you want to present. (more…)

The dreamed seller
31 May

Let me introduce you with Ava, our new seller. She welcomes you with kindness. (more…)