Diagnostic session to personalize your site
06 Dec

I have been talking with a lot of customers and prospects for a while, and they asked me to help them to personalize their site. With my team, we have set up a free and nonbinding diagnostic session. It aims to assess your needs and the interest of deploying personalized recommendations on your site. This is an opportunity to assess the actions you have taken to transform your site and discuss critical issues that may be of concern to you. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions: (more…)

Interview of Benjamin Guénard, manager of Kosméopolis
03 Dec

We invite you to discover the testimony of Benjamin Guénard, manager of Kosméopolis and user of the MyDreamMatch solutions. (more…)

Why use AI in E-commerce?
16 Nov

Online merchants tend to raise three major objections to buying a personalized recommendation module based on Artificial Intelligence: It is too early, we currently have other priorities. We already have a cross-sell module. Artificial Intelligence is too complex. Fortunately, AI-based personalized recommendation modules are evolving to appeal to more merchants and are not limited to cross-selling. Therefore, here are five reasons to install a new generation personalized recommendation module: (more…)

Choose an Upsell module
25 Oct

The term upsell can translate into additional sales, incentive sales or upscaling. We call it Upsell & Similar because it also recommends similar products to the displayed product to encourage the customer to discover more products on your site and help him in his decision. The Upsell banner is generally at the bottom of the product page and offers similar items to the product displayed in close categories and at equal or greater price ranges. The titles of the most used banners are: «Customers who viewed this product also viewed ...», or «Also viewed by our customers», or «similar products». (more…)

Master your business rules with a snap of a finger
18 Oct

You have 3 contradictory goals: Highlight some items because they are on sale, best sellers, high margin or destocking. It is a legitimate seller centric approach. Personalize recommendations that fit the needs of each client. It's a user-centric approach that is essential to engage your customers to buy more and be more loyal. Automate learning-based recommendations to simplify the implementation of recommendation services. This is the priority of MyDreamMatch. (more…)

Choose a Cross-sell module
10 Oct

The Cross-sell banner shows articles that are complementary to those displayed on the page. It is usually located at the bottom of the basket or product card. (more…)

Demonstration of the Prestashop module
10 Oct

How to activate 7 essential recommendation services and 16 recommendation banners on different pages of your site in a few clicks? Here is a very simple demonstration. To buy your Prestashop module, click here.

MyDreamMatch – Personalized recommendations Module for Prestashop
19 Sep

With this module, you will deploy the essential personalized recommendation services to increase your conversion rate very simply. It uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the learning of the most relevant recommendations. (more…)

Evolutions of personalized recommendation services
22 Aug

Technological advances have made it possible to evolve e-commerce site recommendations into three main stages: (more…)

Here are the 7 essential online recommendation services
05 Jul

Your visitors have various buying behaviours. The excellent article Here are the five most popular online consumer profiles ... and why they buy (or not) analyses five profiles, which are the novice, the demanding, the frugal, the anxious and the loafer. How to accompany them all throughout their journey to deliver to everyone an experience that meets their needs and helps increase your conversion and loyalty rate? (more…)