Beyond experiential marketing
.03 Feb

Beyond experiential marketing

For about ten years, the experience concept expanded at the marketing level to create an environment soliciting the “six" consumer senses.The goal of this approach is to make it a unique experience. It is time to extend this concept of experience to the key consumer decision elements: the booking sites.

The tourism professionals have well understood it, the guests want to live experiences during their stay. The tourist spots promotion sites introduce the most memorable experiences that will appeal to the web users and give them the desire to visit the place. The first picture shows the experience.Alsace site.

The Logis hotels site and catalog presents in the section “your wishes” experiences proposed by some hotels: Sensations, Learn, Family, Charm and Character, Exception, Bacchus, Gastronomy, Quiet & Nature … The second picture shows the Logis hotel site:

Logis Hotel

Traditional booking sites classify accommodations from the place, travel dates, number of people, and possibly from the commission paid by the host. Their search engines lack a specific logic to undertake an emotional approach.

Yet, the interest to live or relive specific experiences occurs in most consumer decisions. It is recorded in the limbic system of the human brain that is involved in the pleasure detection.

It therefore becomes increasingly essential to introduce the concept of experience in the booking sites and to link experiential marketing strategy to the search for accommodations or events that truly match each user.

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