Adopt the intuitive personalized navigation
.10 May

Adopt the intuitive personalized navigation

Have you ever dreamed of quickly finding an article from a website that match by intuition? The experience is amazing with MyDreamMatch.

You are looking for example a garment on a site that presents many items. You unconsciously like a style, patterns, colours, a cut, a level of finishing and have a budget in your mind but you do not need to express it.

When you enter the site for the first time, the MyDreamMatch engine does not know you and the site presents you various articles in a sequence determined by the merchant. Naturally, your attention is focused on the photo of an article that attracts you. You are looking for the details of this item in the product datasheet: additional pictures, product description, user opinions…

You like it a little and you want to discover other articles to broaden your choice. So you go back to the list of results and as if by magic, all the items are immediately reordered thanks to the MyDreamMatch engine. You find then at the beginning of the page several articles that have similar characteristics as the product initially viewed. You notice another article different from the first one. You prefer certain features like its price, the printed pattern or the material you discover in the product datasheet. When you return to the results list, MyDreamMatch has selected new items at the top of the page. They are not simply similar to the first and the second, they combine all the characteristics of the first and the second with weights proportional to your level of interest. Consequently, you see in one page all the items that fit your desires. It’s the magic of matching and quick profile learning. You are then able to choose the items you like the most and buy them.

If you return to the site, MyDreamMatch recognises you and presents you with the items that match your taste.

You are looking for other items with a different price, category or style. The MyDreamMatch engine adapts immediately to display first the items that correspond to the context of your new search.

Intuitive personalized navigation is extremely fast because it seems to operate without the use of reason. The user does not need to be aware of all the criteria that condition his choice and know why he is attracted by certain items.

MyDreamMatch offers an intuitive user experience in a rational, predictive and particularly effective decision-making process that can be broken down into several phases:

  1. The first impression is based on superficial information of an image and some information in the list of results that have attracted the attention of the user.
  2. It is reinforced by the additional details in the product sheet.
  3. Each user interaction feeds a learning loop of his profile which becomes more and more precise. It allows MyDreamMatch to find all the products of interest and to display them at the beginning of the results page. The user is therefore more simply and quickly able to choose among the items that appeal to him and make a decision.

For the site owner, the intuitive personalized navigation is set up very simply because it does not interfere with the internal search engine or any optional advanced search module. It personalizes all the results without changing the User Interface.

It allows in a second step to purify the design of the main page by privileging the intuition to the reason and the result to the search. The vendor can then increase the space for the product photos which are more visual and intuitive and reduce the space for advanced search and product detail features which are more logical and reasoned. It’s just intuitive!


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