Seduce your customers with recommendations personalized by Artificial Intelligence

Seduce your customers with recommendations personalized by Artificial Intelligence

Personalize your site

Identify the tastes and intent of each of your visitors and present them with the most relevant content at the right time.
Offer a personal user experience (UX) on every page.
Improve your brand image.

Simplify your life

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms combined with unique technologies choose the most relevant products, the best configuration parameters and automatically place the products to highlight. You no longer need to configure cross-sell and upsell product associations.
You save up to 80% of your time to manage your recommendations.

Optimize your performance

We analyse the navigation data of all your visitors and present the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
You better understand the power of attraction and conversion of each product, category and recommendation. You have the tools to validate and optimize your performance.

Inspiration Luxe

« We have a catalog of more than 1500 products and it is impossible to pilot recommendations manually. The MyDreamMatch solution seemed obvious to us. It is very simple to install and very efficient. Moreover, the automatic calculation tool of the products to put forward saves us a lot of time. »

Grégory Boudailliez
Inspiration Luxe manager


« The services are modern, easy to use and the installation is really very simple. I add to this the easy contact with the company, the personalization of the tool with a nice image adapted to our site and their powerful technical support. »

Benjamin Guénard
Kosméopolis manager

Discover the power of MyDreamMatch

More sales by simplifying your life

Benefits of MyDreamMatch personalization

Offer a personal UX

Seduce without being intrusive, inspire with relevance, engage your visitors to discover your products, offer an intuitive navigation.

Increase loyalty

Create a link with your customers.
Those who click on recommendations feel recognized and are up to twice as loyal.

Boost your conversion

Our recommendations are extremely relevant thanks to algorithms like those of Amazon.
You increase your conversion rate by up to 20% with minimal effort.

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