Personalize by wishes

Personalize by wishes

Add to your e-commerce site a module to personalize individual content by learning the preferences and wishes of your customers.
It accompanies them during all their buying process as a store salesperson who knows and recognizes them.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence technology, it analyses with each click the likings, plans and unconscious purchase intentions of each of your customers. It displays the most relevant items on every page of your site.

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Your customer hesitates or does not find what he is looking for?

He just needs to click on the dreammatcher® button, available on all pages, to find the items he is likely to buy.

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The benefits of MyDreamMatch

Augmentez vos taux de fidélisation
Simplify the user experience
Augmentez vos taux de fidélisation
Accompany the user
Accélérez vos cycles de vente
Know the user quickly
Augmentez vos taux de fidélisation
Improve your conversion rate
Augmentez vos taux de fidélisation
Increase your loyalty rate
Augmentez vos taux de fidélisation
Improve your brand


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Maurice Duault


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Sales and Marketing

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MyDreamMatch demonstration

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